IONSTAR, the unique ionizing gun developed especially for painters. Better painting results, fewer flaws in the paint, higher output. >50% less finishing time. The brushless air-turbine inside generates its own energy = no battery packs, no power cables needed. Robust, easier to use, only 348g. EX(ATEX) certified. Made in Germany

“The IONSTAR saves loads of"non-billable" working time. This advantage addresses the businessowner directly, as insurance companies don’t re-imburse for finishing time.This can amount to a considerable saving that would otherwise be lost!”

“The IONSTAR has reduced our finishing time noticeably. For us, it offers the best price-performance ratio of any anti-static device on the market.”

"Not until we tested the IONSTAR were we free of static electricity. Since then, dust inclusions have been reduced by 95%. "

"Thanks to the use of your product, everyone can enjoy their work again because we have almost no more dustinclusions. The time savings are incredible."